A Place of Solace Studios

Our goal is to help jumpstart health and wellness professionals independent careers and serve as beneficial partners in growing their business venture. We are also a service to health conscious consumers making our destination a one stop shop so they maintain their health goals, obtain peace of mind and retrieve nutritious foods to fuel their day!

Valencia Brown

Founder | CEO

A business professional and advocate for self empowerment Valencia has created an opportunity for female health and wellness professionals seeking to become entrepreneurs. She has designed an incubating space where women can feel empowered, help the community to lead healthy lifestyles and form a strengthening unit between women so they can encourage and motivate one another in being successful business owners.

“Obstacles in life sometimes shed light on the true gift that lies within you”.  Valencia’s battle with depression helped to shed light on what life had to offer her , she then turned her struggle around.  While overcoming depression she focused on strengthening herself from the inside out.  Valencia found her love of fitness again & focused on her daily nutrition. She re defined and re established relationships with those that matter most, family and close friends.  From this journey Place of Solace Studios was created.

Valencia obtains’ an  undergraduate degree in business,  working part time on her Masters in Nutrition, and became a Certified Pilates Instructor through Balanced Body. She is always actively engaged in community functions, and enjoys helping others to attain their dream.

Stronger Together

Place of Solace was formulated to build, strengthen and grow female entrepreneurs. We are stronger together than we are apart!

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